Thursday, July 15, 2010

Sidewalk Angels Fundraiser

When I started my Cake Pop business, I knew that I wanted my company to participate in fundraising of some sort. We donate arrangements of Cake Pops to local charities when they have a need for an auction item, but I felt that we needed to do something on a larger scale.

I have been a Rob Thomas and Matchbox Twenty fan for over 13 years, so when the idea came to me to partner up with Rob and Marisol Thomas' Sidewalk Angels Foundation for a fundraiser, I was more than excited when I received the email accepting my offer. I had heard about their support and help for Pets Alive and being a pet owner myself, I was ready for my first fundraising challenge. I emailed Sidewalk Angels and discussed the details with Maria, Rob's Mother-in-Law, who helps them run the foundation. I sent a dozen Cake Pops for her to try.

To give you a little more information about what Sidewalk Angels Foundation does, I've referenced their website to give you a quick overview:

"Established by Rob and Marisol Thomas, Sidewalk Angels Foundation is a New York-based non-profit organization that works hand-in-hand with charities in and around America's big cities. Life in the city can be so fast that those in need are often passed by. People who are destitute or homeless and get lost in the system; those who cannot afford proper medical care; animals that have been abandoned or abused -- these are universal problems that Sidewalk Angels encourages people to address locally." (

We were able to schedule a photo shoot when Rob was doing a concert in nearby Kansas City and although I had met Rob at another time, I was very excited to do an actual photo shoot with him. So I asked two of my best pals, Erin and Danielle to tag along. Erin was our photographer that day. We didn't really know what to expect, but were allowed to observe Rob's Meet and Greet time with local radio winners. Once they had all exited the room, we had our time with Rob. I had brought enough Cake Pops for his band and crew but I also made a special dozen just for him that looked like cats and dogs. He was amazed that two of the Cake Pops looked like his two dogs. We talked about the work that Sidewalk Angels was doing and how he and his wife, Marisol enjoyed the Cake Pops that Maria had shared with them when we first set up the fundraiser. He loved the fact that Erin and Danielle kept calling the Cake Pops, Crack on a Stick. Rob made sure that we had great seats for his concert and we had a memory that we'll never forget!

We didn't raise as much as we had hoped but I look forward to working again with them in the future. I highly recommend getting involved with a charity or foundation that you believe in and have a passion for. We can all make a difference in some way.

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