Sunday, August 1, 2010

National Debut and Degrees of Seperation

On July 23, our Cake Pops were featured on The Today Show during the Hoda & Kathie Lee part of the show. The amazing Bobbie Thomas talked about them on her Bobbie's Buzz segment. It was quite surreal to see our Cake Pops on National TV!

So how did this all come about? One of our celebrity clients of had sent a dozen of our Cake Pops to Hoda & Kathie Lee as a gift. They shared one with Bobbie Thomas, who then called me to order some as a gift. I was headed to NYC the next day and arranged a time to meet with her while I was there. Bobbie is the nicest, most genuine and generous person. She expressed interest in featuring the Cake Pops on her Bobbie's Buzz, but wasn't sure what date would be best. I received the call on Monday, July 19th saying that we needed to send the Cake Pops the next day and they would be featured that Friday. So of course, we hopped right on that!

So this is why I haven't blogged for the past couple of weeks....we've been swamped with orders. We have some other exciting things in the works but nothing in concrete yet, but I will blog about them once they do come to be. Stay tuned.

The funny thing is that I can trace this whole experience back to my friend June. She is a kindergarden teacher in California who loves our Cake Pops and because of her generous spirit, my company was featured on The Today Show. You never know the degrees of seperation your customers and friends might have. She didn't have a direct link to any celebritites but knew others that did and liked our product so much that she shared it. So if you own your own business, my best advice to you is....treat ALL your customers like VIPs, because they are. Without them you would not have a business.