Wednesday, October 10, 2012

5,000 "Likes" on Facebook!

We hit the goal of 5,000 "likes" on Facebook and we are ready to celebrate!  So much has been going on behind the scenes at The Cake Pop Company and it's all worked out perfectly, timing wise, with this Facebook milestone.

At first we thought about doing a few drawings for Free Cake Pops, and we will still do some of that, but we really wanted to offer a special that would be a Thank You to everyone that follows us on Facebook, because without our loyal followers, we would have never reached this goal.

Our Gourmet Cake Pops are ready to be launched online and we're doing it along with our 5,000 "likes" celebration.  Some of you have viewed photos of the Gourmet Cake Pops that we've offered over the summer in our storefront, but if you live out of town, you've never gotten the chance to try them, because they weren't available online and because of the high price of summer shipping.  Well, fall is here and so is our FedEx Home Delivery and FedEx 2Day shipping! Perfect timing, right?  We think so.

So here's the information that will help you get in on this celebrations:
Friday through Sunday, October 12th - 14th, 2012, will will be offering our Gourmet Cake Pops for HALF PRICE!  That's right, our $30 Cake Pops will only be $15 for those 3 days.  We will make & ship orders as they come in.  So the earlier you order, the sooner you will receive your special treats. ( If you choose FedEx Home Delivery, we will only ship those orders out on Mondays and Tuesdays.  If you choose FedEx 2Day, we can ship on Monday - Wednesday, and if you're in a big hurry, we can ship Priority Overnight, we can ship Monday through Thursday.)  You will be able to choose 2 Gourmet Cake Pop flavors per dozen.  Limit of 2 dozen per person, per household.

For local Facebook fans/customers, you will still need to place your order online, but please put the pick up date in the memo section of the order form.  Pick-ups will need to be within the next 2 weeks.
You have to order online to get the special pricing. 

Thank you again for following us on Facebook.

Deb & the Cake Pop gang.

Thursday, July 5, 2012

BIG Sale on Cake Pops

Because we love our out of town customers so much and we didn't want them to feel left out of our local Daily Deals, we're hosting our own online sale.  Cake Pops make great birthday or anniversary gifts.  They can also make a celebration a little more special; baby showers, wedding showers, retirement, congratulations, etc.

The sale will be much like the one last year so here is how you can get our delicious Cake Pops for only $15 per dozen, which is a $6 savings!

The Rules:
1) Sale will be for today, July 5th through Saturday, July 7th.

2) Limit of 2 dozen Classic Cake Pops can be ordered. No exceptions, no specialty, no characters.

3) You have until November 12, 2012 to use your dozens.

4) You need to let us know at least 1 week BEFORE you want your order shipped.

5) You MUST pay for shipping a week prior to your order shipping. Contact us via email or phone to get a shipping quote. *When placing your order just choose Local Springfield Pick Up to avoid Overnight shipping charges*

6) If you live in the Springfield area, you can participate, however these same rules apply.

7) Only 1 order per household.

8) ALL orders must be made online at

Spread the word and tell your friends, this is a once per year sale.  Please call our shop at 417.886.2767 or email us at with any questions that you might have.

Enjoy!  We can't wait to get baking for you!

Sunday, March 11, 2012

Copyright and Cake Pops

We have received a lot of phone calls, emails and requests for my company to make a variety of Character Cake Pops; Elmo, Minnie Mouse, Mickey Mouse, Angry Birds, etc.

I'm sure that if you've surfed the web for Cake Pops, you have seen these same Cake Pops for sale on Itsy or other Cake Pop business sites. I'm sure your first thoughts are about Bakerella. I'm a huge fan of her work and she's a real inspiration as the creator of the Cake Pop craze. The difference is, she does not sell her Cake Pops and she has copyright permission from these companies to use their artwork. These other business owners are taking a huge chance that I cannot afford to take. My staff and I have worked too hard to build this business to have it destroyed by a stupid mistake and a bunch of high powered attorneys. I have heard horror stories by other cake decorators getting cease and desist letters from Chanel for making purse cakes that have the Chanel logo, or other big companies. I understand that you or your child may really want a certain character for their Cake Pops, but please understand that we could be put out of business by making those characters. We can do generic characters; Santa, animals, sports balls, and we can make our Classic Cake Pops in the same colors of the party theme. So far my customers have been pretty understanding, which I appreciate. There have been a couple of potential customers that have been pretty pushy in their requests, which makes me wonder if they were hired by a copyright attorney to see if we would give in.

We were fortunate to have dealt with a copyright and patent attorney, so that we could secure the copyright of the swirl that is featured in our logo. Yes, we own the copyright of our trademark swirl. This same attorney took the time to inform me of the law concerning my business and I am so thankful that he did. It's so tempting to make these adorable characters for my customers, but it's a temptation that I absolutely must refrain from.

I hope that if you read this blog and you are my customer, you have a new understanding on why I cannot risk my entire business for your request and if you are a fellow cake baker and decorator, I hope that understanding how I protect my business can inspire you to take the same stand and protect your business as well. You can find out more information concerning copyright law at