Friday, January 28, 2011

Growing Pains

When I was little, I used to get leg aches. My mother would say that it was "Growning pains." There was even a TV sitcom called "Growing Pains." What a strange way to start of my blog this time, right? Well, I should have known that when we decided to take a leap of faith back in mid-November to have our own bakery facility and storefront, that it would come with it's own set of Growing Pains. There's that word again, it sounds painful doesn't it? Well, when trying to open a food service business, it can be a bit painful, but in the end, instead of an inch taller, you are rewarded with a beautiful business and if you're lucky, room to grow a bit bigger. I will say that once, we found the "right" person to deal with, things got done and got done in a timely manner.

So, in case you don't follow us on Facebook or Twitter, I'm talking about our brand new store!

We signed a lease the end of November and after a two month process of getting everything permitted, built, inspected and approved, we are ready to move! Our new store location will not only allow us to be more streamlined for our shipping customers, but will give the residents of the Springfield MO area a new bakery to visit and of course, buy our famous Cake Pops! We are expanding our line of local customers to include cupcakes, mini cupcakes, cookies, muffins, brownies and even a few individual pies. We're very excited, if you can't tell. (big smile)

Our new address is 1805 E Seminole, Springfield MO 65804. Our new phone number is 417.886.CPOP (2767). How cute is that phone number? I love it!
Our store hours will be 9am - 6pm Mon - Sat.

I actually meant to write more as the process unfolded, but with the Christmas holiday, time for writing a blog was not found and I thought January would prove to have more time, but between orders, being sick with the flu and store stuff, the month flew buy. I am hoping that having 1 facility that houses our commercial kitchen and my office, will afford me time to work on the blog more often, as well as being more organized. It was hard to have my office at home and everything else at the shop.

We are planning our Grand Opening on February 7th from 9am - 6pm. The ribbon cutting will be at 11am, which is done by the Springfield Chamber of Commerce. If you are in the area or within driving distance, I do hope that you will try to make it on the 7th. We will have merchandise give aways, free samples of our newest flavors of Cake Pops as well as other bakery items. We will also be introducing our newest Cake Pop, The Vanessa. Named after one of our celebrity customers.

Here is one last teaser photo of the new shop.