Monday, August 1, 2011

Favorite Summertime Recipe

Today I am stepping away from my usual Cake Pop related blog to share one of my favorite Summertime recipes with you. My Mom used to make this and I'm so very thankful that I learned how she made this (and some other yummy recipes, like Homemade Chicken & Dumplings) before she passed away. It's pretty simple, but the result tastes like being at home in the summertime. Enjoy!

Fried Summer Squash
2 Yellow (Summer) Squash
2 Eggs - beaten
1 pks saltine crackers - crushed into tiny pieces
vegetable oil
frying pan

Find a nice size Yellow Summer Squash. I typically have to go to our Farmer's Market to find a decent sized squash. You can make this same recipe with zucchini, but there's just something about the Yellow Summer Squash that tastes so amazing.

Next, you will need to cut the squash into small slices. Be careful not to cut them to chunky or to slim. You can still use them, but it might take the chunky slices longer to cook and the slim slices might cook a little too fast.

Pour the vegetable oil into the skillet and put over a medium heat. Hot oil can be very dangerous, so please take caution not to get it too hot. Have a lid or fire extinguisher near by, just in case.

Crack eggs into a bowl and whisk. You can add a dash of milk if you like, but it's not neccessary.

Dunk the slices of squash into the egg batter. I use my fingers, but if you don't want to get too messy, you can use a fork.

Next, dunk the egg covered slices of squash into the bowl of crushed up saltine crackers. Cover both sides of the squash, making sure it has a nice coating on it.

Carefully place the covered slices of squash into the frying pan. Turn the squash when it becomes slightly golden.

Remove squash slices when both sides are a nice golden brown color. Drain excess oil off on a paper towel covered plate or you can use a microwave bacon pan, like in the photo, but you will want something under the slices.

Lightly salt, if you want to and Enjoy!

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  1. Sounds great, I am going to try it!! Thanks!!! Can we get the chicken and dumplings recipe too??