Monday, December 27, 2010

Christmas Rush

The Christmas rush is over, and what a rush it was. We were making Cake Pops around the clock from Thanksgiving until Christmas. I'm not joking, our average day was 16 hours in the shop, but some days it was 18 hours! We started the day after Thanksgiving with a huge Corporate order that we received from a major pharmaceutical company, 600 dozen to be exact. Yes, that is correct....600 dozen or 7,200 Cake Pops! 1,800 of those Cake Pops were the adorable little panda bears that are pictured. We recruited some of our customers/fans to help, as well as family members taking vacation time to help out. We couldn't have done it without our friends and family, that's for sure! It took us about 12 days to get this accomplished. The whole time that we shut down for this huge order, other corporate orders and individual orders started flooding in. Our long days and nights didn't end until Christmas Eve. Apparently, our Cake Pops were a popular gift to send to loved ones this year. We are thankful for each and every order and that you trust us with your gift giving needs.

We have exciting changes that will be happening in 2011 and I will be blogging more so that you can share in our growth and changes. We are moving into our own kitchen facility soon and will be opening a storefront. I will share the progress with you, as things change.

We hope that you had a lovely Christmas and want you to know that we appreciate YOU, our blog followers, as well as our Facebook friends and Twitter followers.

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  1. Helping out was a blast! Don't hesitate to call on the fans again Deb, I was more than happy to participate! :)