Monday, June 28, 2010

Cake Pops and Broadway

My sister-in-law had invited my youngest daughter on a trip to New York City for a graduation gift and I jumped at the chance to visit my favorite city and market my Cake Pop business. Our second night in town, we attended the musical, Promises Promises, which stars Sean Hayes and our family favorite, Kristin Chenoweth. We have followed Kristin's rise to stardom, because we have a mutual friend with her. Before the show began, I dropped off a dozen of Cake Pops to her at the stage door, name dropping our mutual friend. By intermission, my friend had sent me a message telling me that Kristin LOVED the Cake Pops, so after the show, we went back to the stage door to see if there was any chance that we could meet her. The stage manager, said that she definitely wanted to meet me. Meet me? Really? I have to say that Kristin Chenoweth is as warm and adorable as she appears to be. She loved the Cake Pops so much that I dropped another dozen off to her and one for Sean Hayes the next night. In fact she liked them so much, that she ordered for the whole cast and crew, even saving a couple of dozen for her interview with Rosie O'Donnell and for co-hosting with Regis!

I also met with Bobbie Thomas, of Bobbie's Buzz on The Today Show. What an fabulous young lady and the Brand that she has built on her expertise in showcasing new things and businesses is unlike any other. She's simply amazing!

One of the contacts I made was with the owner of Swank Productions, Maya Kalman. Loved her and her staff! They had all kinds of ideas on how to incorporate our Cake Pops into their events. I can't wait to work with them! Check them out at

Coming up, we will be "sweetening" the Twilight Eclipse movie premier at a local event on Wednesday and Thursday night. We are making "Team Jacob" and "Team Edward" Cake Pops. If you follow us on Facebook, you can see the photos once those are done.

This business has opened doors and opportunities for me and my family to meet some of the most amazing people, not all of these people are movie and television stars. Some of the most fascinating have been just regular people that have a great story. I am so appreciative of every one of my customers.


  1. Did you ever post the Team Edward/Team Jacob Cake Pop pictures?

  2. Thanks for the mention! I love your cake pops. xoxo from team Swank