Monday, March 21, 2011

We've decided to do a contest. What kind of contest? One where our customers/fans/followers can help us with their creativity. We want to produce a Cake Pop Co t-shirt with a clever saying on it. So we're asking for YOUR help! Leave a post on this blog with your best saying or image idea about our delicious and addicting Cake Pops. (Example: a drawing of a Cake Pop with a bite out of it, with the words.....Bite Me!)

My staff and I will choose the top 5 sayings and those folks will win a FREE dozen Cake Pops. The final winner will win a FREE t-shirt and a dozen Cake Pops! Are you up for the challenge?

We will offer the winning t-shirt for sale both online and in our shop. The contest will last for 1 week, so check back often to see everyone's ideas. This is going to be FUN!!

Good luck!

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Month 1

Well, it's been a little over a month since we opened our storefront. We have had an overwhelming amount of support from our community as our customer base grows. So many people had never heard of a Cake Pop and it has been so much fun explaining and then watching as they take their first bite. Their facial expressions are priceless.

We started out selling regular size cupcakes but quickly realized that the mini cupcakes were flying off the cake stands, while their larger counterparts were sitting around getting stale. I made the decision at that point, to go in a kind of new direction....specializing in Mini desserts! It's been a blast coming up with new mini cupcake flavors and other Mini desserts, like whoopie pies, fruit pies, brownies and other cute and tasty treats.

We are also excited to announce that the city has approved us to have seating, so that our customers have a place to sit, relax, enjoy a hot cup of coffee and their treat. I couldn't be more thrilled at how cute the brown table and chairs look in our shop. At this time, we only have seating for 6 people, but we have room to expand. We've even had several people ask about reserving our shop for baby showers, wedding showers and even a political fundraiser. Nothing is booked at this moment, but it's exciting to consider all the fun events that could take place in our new "home".

I do hope that if you are ever in the Springfield, MO area, that you will stop by, say Hello and have a Cake Pop or another mini dessert. Until next time.........